ahlam lemssefer

Artist Statement

The artistic work of Ahlam Lemseffer aptly combines the relevance of paintings, sculptures and installations. Her iconography gives value to forms of representation referring to the architecture, the environment and also to the human society.
For several years, Ahlam explores territories of abstract painting by continually questioning the pictorial process: composition, surface, color, light and perspective. This exploration led her to an avant-garde dynamism linked to major emotional artistic and to an ever-more fluid, uncluttered abstraction.
The pictorial construction of her paintings today, brings her to examine the complex process linking juxtaposition, transparency and visual overlay. And through a new and unique technique, she analyzes the fragility of the environment, the wear of the material and the removal of color.
Ahlam Lemseffer is not a painter in the traditional sense of the term, she fits a transversal status allowing her to register her sculptures and installations into fundamental, pictorial subjects. The artist works the contradictions of matter and form in order to unite them to the possibility of new dimensions.

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